Purify water to eliminate bacteria

Typical applications include:

Bottle Water
Small Potable Water System
Well Water
USP 24 High Purity Water (Healthcare and Pharma)

High Purity Operation

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Water is recirculated through the venturi/static mixer where ozone is added to maintain the set point level in the treated water tank. The tank ozone level is measured by dissolved ozone monitor 1. The ozone generator cell/power supply 1 is connected to the tank recirculation loop. Dissolved ozone is eliminated by the UV destruct prior to entering the process loop and the dissolved ozone monitor 2 confirms the UV destruct is working properly. The ozone level in the treated water tank is typically between .3 and .5 ppm. Make-up water entering the tank passes through the second venturi/static mixer where ozone is added to assure no untreated water enters the treated water tank. The second ozone cell/power supply supplies ozone for the make-up water and is set at a fixed level so no control is required. Cell/power supply 2 turns on and off with the make-up feed system. Located on the top of the tank is a breather box that includes a HEPA filter for the incoming air and an ozone destruct for the air leaving the tank. An ambient ozone safety monitor is required for ozone systems located inside a building and will turn the      system off if the ozone level exceeds .1ppm in the surrounding air. Ozone safety monitors are not required for ozone systems located outside

System Sanitization

Loop sanitizing can occur at any time and is accomplished by turning the UV destruct “OFF” and allowing the ozonated water to circulate throughout the loop. Dissolved ozone monitor 2 and dissolved ozone monitor 3 will closely match in ppm readings when the loop is clean. As loop sanitizing begins monitors 2 and 3 will be far apart in their readings. When the monitor reads are very close the system is clean but good practices require the system to sanitize for at least an additional 15 minutes. Following the sanitizing the UV destruct is turned back “ON” and dissolved ozone monitors 2 and 3 confirm the water is again ready for use.