Technical Services & Support

Purotecs sales cycle starts when we assign one of our ozone application engineers to work with you. Our application engineer is someone that wants to understand your specific process and the first question asked is: “Show me, in chronological order, how your plant works?” We talk through your whole process carefully and make sure you haven’t forgotten any steps, events or phases. We write down an outline of all the steps (from first to last) and make an assessment.

From over 50 years combined engineering and application experience we know there are no simple answers, Purotecs looks for the best and most cost effective ways to intervene. Biological testing prior to making recommendations is used to identify critical areas. This extended service assures our customers that the Purotecs ozone application and hardware meets your needs. A generator purchase with application hardware usually covers our costs. This means:

    • 1. We always look for a way to avoid the use of flumes. Flumes are a way to uniformly inoculate product.
    • 2. Continuously clean in place all transfer devices (e.g. belts) with an ozone spray wash to control biofilm development and control biofilm development. Biofilms can be a few thousandth of an inch thick (thinner than copy paper) and may colonize scratches and nicks in plastics, steel and even glass.
    • 3. Thoroughly clean after each use totes and bins to stop biofilm development and contamination. Once established, biofilms are nearly impossible to clean.
    • 4. We always look at air. Air is in contact will all surfaces and needs to be immunized with low concentrations of ozone gas in the plant and in cold rooms.

Purotecs supports the equipment we manufacture with direct factory field service personnel assuring our customers receive immediate and qualified service. The generators include wireless and internet communications to allow our service people to remotely diagnose the equipment. If you require the assistance of a Purotecs service technician they are available.

The ozone generators have two plug-in modules the PLC controller and the generator module (ozone cell/power supply) that contain the active electronic components. Modules can be replaced in minutes by our customers. Service inventory for all the components in your ozone system are available for immediate shipment.