For the last 20 years, Purotecs’ engineering staff has been providing the state of the art in ozone technology for mid-sized industrial ozone generators (2 to 40 pounds per day) and application hardware. How can we say this? Purotecs Chief Technology Officer designed the Novazone 6000 (aka Purfresh 6000) and promised a 7 year operational life. Now, after more than 15+ years of low maintenance, these 150 industrial generators are ready for replacement with the next generation industrial ozone generator: The Purotecs 3400 industrial ozone generator. Since its release, the Novazone 6000 has proven to be the least expensive generator to own with its projected 7-year operational life. The Purotecs 3400 is taking this title.

Having a ruggedized, reliable ozone generator is the first step in a good ozone experience. The second step is finding the application engineers. Purotecs’ CTO delivered 150 Novazone 6000 generators to a broad cross-section of industries with specific customer requests requiring application hardware. This knowledge has earned Purotecs application experience and knowledge reflected in Purotecs hardware offerings:

High Concentration Ozonated Water (HiCon);
Rolling Flume;
PuroController; and,
Venturi Eductor/Static Mixer.

If you want an industrial ozone application for bacteria control on fruits, melons, fish, meat and poultry, mold control on fruit, berries, grapes, citrus, apples, vegetables and melons, cold storage ethylene and mold control, air borne pathogens, pharmaceutical water (“USP 24 Purified Water”), bottled water, rural water treatment and emergency water supply give Purotecs a call. Purotecs provides good ozone experience with our Purotecs 3400 generator, application experience and specialized application hardware.