Benefits of Ozone

Ozone treatment is environmentally acceptable. It eliminates the need for handling, storage, record keeping and disposal of toxic chemicals that are covered by increasingly stringent government regulations.

This means:

  • No Drums
  • No Spilling
  • No Storage
  • No Shipping
  • No Approval
  • No Record Keeping
  • No Stopping¬†of Processing for use

Ozone is up to 3000 times faster and more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria, molds, cysts and inactivating virus, while providing you with a purity not achievable with conventional chemicals. Unique to ozone is the fact that micro organisms do not build up immunity to being treated with ozone. Ozone is approved for direct contact with food products by the FDA as an antimicrobial agent and granted full USDA approval with no restrictions for use on organic products.

Standard usage of ozone includes:

  • Food Processing, Storage, Distribution
  • Hard Surface Disinfection
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bottled Water
  • Air Sanitation
  • Cosmetic
  • Medical