Mold and Ethylene Control

Mold Control

Fruit, berry, citrus, vegetable and melons. A variety of chemical treatments are used to reduce losses from mold. The simple use of the phrases “fungicide drench” and “fungicide bath” conjure up a failing practice that is expensive in chemicals, time, waste water treatment, residue testing and product decay.
The Purotreat System. Fruit, berry, citrus, vegetable and melon arrive at the packing house and are treated for less than 2 minutes to kill mold. And for rough skins like cantaloupe, the Purotreat kills bacteria including e coli. Purotreat makes clean product. Subsequent injuries to skin which can occur during handling create sites for mold infection. So it is important that your facility, storage rooms, and air be kept clean to keep your postharvest decay reduced by at least 50%. We have also found that you need to be careful with your wax. Organic wax is full of molds and may infect your fruit, citrus and vegetables.

Ethylene Control

Cold Storage. In cold storage rooms low levels of ozone eliminate nesting and airborne molds, and stops cross contamination spoilage. Ozone destroys ethylene and controls ripening and eliminates the need for chemicals and food safety concerns created by chemicals.

FDA Organic Rule. Ozone has a killing factor that is fast without leaving a residue and qualifies under the FDA Organic Rule where ozone may be safely used in the treatment, storage and processing of foods to be labeled as “organic”.