Health Effects of Ozone

Ozone is safe to use around humans as long as you have the correct concentrations and use for a safe period of time. The chart below shows the details:

  Concentration(ppm) Duration ofExposure Effect
ACCEPTABLE 0.01-0.04 Odor threshold.
ZONE 0.1 Minor eye, nose and throat irritation.
  0.1 8 hour average exposure limit
  >0.1 few minutes Continuous headache, shortness of breath.
  0.25-0.5 2-5 hours Reduction in lung function and the ability to do physical work (for persons with a history of heart or lung disease).
  0.3 15 minute exposure limit
  0.4 2 hours Reduction in lung function during moderate work for all persons.
HAZARDOUS >0.6 1-2 hours Chest pain, dry cough.
ZONE 1 1-2 hours Lung irritation (coughing), severe fatigue.
  >1.5 2 hours Reduced ability to think clearly. Continuing cough and extreme tiredness maybe lasting for 2 weeks.Severe lung irrituation with fluid build-up.
  9 intermittent Severe pneumonia (arc welders).
  10 Immmediately dangerous to life & health
CRITICAL 11 15 minutes Rapid unconsciousness.
ZONE 50 30 minutes Expected to be fatal.