Spray Washing

Spray washing with water that has high levels of dissolved ozone is an excellent method to reduce bacteria and molds in a short period of time. A typical spray washing of products or equipment requires at most a few short seconds. To achieve the desired results the ozone level must be high.

Spray washing is used to expose the entire product to ozone. The spray wash water is fresh water with ozone added under pressure. The incoming water pressure sets the spray wash pressure and can effectively supply a controlled level of ozonated water up to 8 parts per million.

Wash product with ozonated waterUsing ozonated water throughout the process will keep the equipment and the product clean. The ozonated water is a sanitizer for use during facility clean-up and disinfection. The photo on the right shows a transport flume that has been retroactively fitted with low concentration ozone wash at 1-2 parts per million followed by a high concentration ozone spray wash at 5 parts per million, . The Purotecs equipment is designed to integrate directly with your existing equipment. The spray wash process has proven to reduce the mold and bacteria levels to a point where product shelf life has more than doubled. 

Use Ozone Spray Wash to disinfect:

Hard Surface
Trucks and Trailers
Process Equipment
Storage Areas