The PurFesh 6000 Drop-In Replacement

The time has arrived. Your PurFresh 6000 finally needs to be replaced. The PurFresh 6000 ozone generators were the state-of-the-art design in the 1990’s. Mr. Lee Ditzler, the Novazone founder and president originally projected a 7 year operational life for the PurFresh 6000. Now, after more than 15+ years of low maintenance, your PurFresh 6000 ozone generators are ready for replacement.

The Purotecs 3400 Ozone Generator

Prepare for the future. Mr. Lee Ditzler, CTO Purotecs, has designed the next generation ozone generator, the Purotecs 3400. The Purotecs 3400 has the same footprint, the same electrical requirements, and the same ozone outlet fittings. The Purotecs generator features: integral oxygen preparation for high purity ozone, 300% more ozone, full PLC control and remote wireless communications to assist our customers.

How do you replace your Purfresh 6000? Turn off the 6000. Disconnect the electrical and ozone fittings and remove. Slide in the Purotecs 3400 and reconnect to existing electrical and fittings. Turn on and adjust the setpoints.