Ozone Geneators

The Purotecs 3400 is the only ruggedized, modular designed industrial ozone generator combining the best available micro gap corona discharge technology with PLC control and monitoring. The plug-in integrated PLC controller module precisely controls ozone output from one or two plug-in ozone generating modules. Ozone is generated by passing a stream of exceedingly dry oxygen gas through a micro gap high voltage field. Ozone is produced at up to 10% by weight or 4 pounds per day per ozone module or up to 8 pounds per day per generator.

The discussion on the difference between ozone generators centers on the robust oxygen feed gas system that incorporates a low pressure oil free scroll compressor. Purotecs use of very dry oxygen gas (-100 dew point) results in no nitric acid and no humidity adding years of additional operational life to our generators. Integrate the ozone generating modules with the oxygen preparation system and our unique oxygen feed control system designed and manufactured by Purotecs and there is no debate when a Purotecs 3400 is compared to other generator offerings.

Generator installation requires an electric power connection and a connection of the ozone to your application. The equipment is designed as a complete standalone ozone generating system. The PLC controller utilizes a color touch screen operator interface continuously displaying the status of the entire ozone generator. The ozone output level is precisely controlled by the integrated PLC controller.

In simple terms, what is the cost of making a pound of ozone for 10 years? A Purotecs 3400 is the most reliable and cost effective.