Facility Cleaning – Water 1ppm to 8ppm



Ozone has been approved for continuous use on food processing equipment. This means that a spray with high levels of dissolved ozone maintains high sanitation values while food is processed. Ozonated spray water is ideal for both breaking up biofilms and inhibiting biofilm growth in the first place. Spray washing with high levels of dissolved ozone will purify with just a few seconds of surface contact.

The Purotecs solution provides a pressurized system with a controlled level of dissolved ozone from 1 ppm up to 8 ppm. For maximum sanitation all you need 1 lb/day of ozone for every 50 gallons of water per minute. Each Purotecs ozone generating cell produces 4 lbs/day. With two cells in our standard ozone generating cabinet you increase the capacity to 8 lbs/day or 400 gallons per minute high concentrated ozonated water.

Ozone has a natural 20 minute half life, which means that our ozone generator you are able to easily pump ozone water around the plant for effective facility cleaning. Still the good news continues, since the ozone naturally dissipates its use has been EPA exempted so that you can discharge the water anywhere without special permits.