Air touches everything. Air is the largest contact surface in a facility. Purifying the air will extend the shelf life and reduce the largest mold and bacteria contamination source in your facility. The proper amount of ozone will eliminate ethylene and slow fruit and vegetable ripening as well.

Typical applications include:

Cold Storage Rooms
Processing Facilities
Food Assembly
Continuous Ambient Use
Intermittent Shock Treatment
Odor Control and Removal
Dry Sanitation

For use in:

Fruit and Vegetable Storage
Poultry Processing
Meat Packing
Nut Packing
Cold Storage
Facility Air
Dry Sanitation
Odor control and removal

The PUROTECS pasteurization process treats dried products reducing bacteria, insects and mold byproducts with minimal heating to maintain the products organic and raw. This process also uses up to 75% less energy, so operating costs are much lower. One system treats up to 8000 pounds per hour and uses multiple biological barriers to assure a 5 log reduction of bacteria to meet the FDA pasteurization standard.